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  • 2000-2007

    My Humble Beginnings

    In 2000, Jackss moved from Angola to the Netherlands at the age of 6 as a political refugee. Jackss and his family spent 8 years in different refugee centers, this is where Jackss got introduced to Hip-hop and started rapping at the age of 12.

  • 2016

    Foundation of Spleeze Records

    In 2016, Jackss founded Spleeze Records with the intention of releasing music independently.

  • 2017

    Nog steeds hier

    In 2017, Jackss dropped his first single and video clip, Nog Steeds Hier (Still here). The song is directed towards doubters who thought Jackss was finished.

  • 2017

    Where i'm at now

    I am currently working on new music; I am always working out of my home studio. I used to drop single records now and then, now days I tend to work much more on projects. I think it is better to work on a body of work with different kind of music. It's more challenging and it gives you the freedom to be creative. Besides that, I am putting all of my time and effort in making Spleeze Records a respective and competitive music label in the Netherlands.

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